Applicants Data Security Policy – DiFin

Security is our core to protect you.


Bank level security means you are in a highly secured and protected environment

We take your information and identity very secured and protected by implementing more than industry standard practices to ensure that the information you have provided to us is safe all the times.

What we do to protect your information?

No one can access your personal information except from our lending partners to review your loan information.


We do use of public key cryptography algorithms with a minimum key size of 256 bits. There are minimum 340 trillion different combinations of code protecting your information.

HTTPS Secure

We use only HTTPS for transmitting requests on website for authentication of protecting your password.

SSL Secured

Transmissions between web servers are protected using High End Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology.

SSL allows sensitive information such as Aadhar No, Pan Card, Financial History and login credentials to be transmitted securely. This kind of encryption protects your information and make it unreadable to anyone except DiFin.

Time Out

We log you out if there has been no activity within a specified period of time. We automatically log your session out after a period of inactivity. We also auto saved your progress if you are completing a form.

What you should do to protect your information?

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