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Share DiFin & Earn money.

1. Refer a friend for DiFin education loan and get Rs 2,000 each.
2. Plus, the Top 10 referrers will get 25,000 in additional amount.

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Your friend may be in need to pay his education fees in EMI. Your small care can help him to make his dream success.

Here’s how it works?

1. Enter your email address to create a unique referral link

2. Share that link, in any way you wish, with your friends looking for education loan.

3. For every friend you refer (using your unique link) that avail a loan from DiFin, we will give you Rs 2,000.

4. It’s an opportunity for you earn Rs 1 Lakh if you refer 50 of your friends. Earn more by referring more and more students. Remember that you also help lot of people to develop their career by helping them to get funded.

What do I need to know?

Before you get started please read our terms and conditions for referral. Terms and Conditions  
Q. Is there any minimum or maximum number of friends I can friend? No, there is no limit on the same.
Q. Do I need to be a DiFin customer to make a referral? No. You need not to be a DiFin borrower or investor to send a referral link to your friend.
Q. I am already part of DiFin Community Network, can I still receive referral bonus for being referred? Yes. You will get the reference bonus for any of your new friend avail loan from DiFin.
Q. How do I get my Referral reward? You will receive an email notifying that your friend has taken a loan from DiFin. We will send you the cheque or deposit money into your bank account.
Q. What happens if I don�t receive my Referral award, yet? Reasons for this may vary. Possible reasons include:
1. Your friend did not apply using the unique referral link. 2. Your friend did not complete the loan through DiFin and could not be successful to avail loan from DiFin. 3. Your friend might not be eligible for the loan from DiFin.
Q. My friend did not use the unique referral link when applying. Will I still get the Referral reward? No. Your friend must use the unique referral link to qualify as referral.

All rewards are subject to the verification by DiFin.