People investing in People

Diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds and earn sold and secure returnsby investing directly into some one future.We provide qualified investors with access to our loans with creditworthy borrowers.

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An Alternative lending opportunity for Investors.

You have to be qualified investor with DiFin. Our team works hard to invest your money into only creditworthy borrowers. Our decision engine and risk based pricing model keeps in safe zone always.

Individual investor

You have net asset of DiFin matching criteria and fall into minimum gross income bracket.

Professional Investor

You are fund or portfolio or wealth manager and manage a respectable amount of assets of HNI’s

Institutional Investor

You are a fund, bank of any financial institutions.


How it works

With DiFin, you need not to invest in a traditional way and always compliance with more strong parameters to have a safe and secure investments.


Get Approved

Once you signed up, we will verify your identity as an accredited investor. If you are approved then connect your bank account securely and transfer funds into loan assests.


Build your target portfolio by investing in individual loans.

Credila Education Loan
Loan For Part-Time Courses


Borrowers will repay the loans you have invested on monthly basis. Log in investor dashboard and see how your investments are performing.

The DiFin Benefits

No High Fees

There are no fee to invest into the platform. Register Free.


Earn high absolute, uncorrelated returns on your investment.

Loan For Vocational Courses

No Tying up all of your money into one investments

Our platform helps you to decide the loans and spread your amount across number of investments.

Strong dashboard to track payments and portfolio

Check out your online dashboard to see their performance any time you want.


Why invest with DiFin

DiFin credit check model is strong, robust and analyze 100,000 rows of data.Our underwriting algorithms captures and creates a score card on multi-dimensional parameters using data driven techniques. We verify each applicant’s identity, credit history, academic credentials, employment, Social and financial history. We use Big Data and Machine learning to analyses the linear relationship among various data sets to get get the probability of default. The risk based pricing helps us to give you the option to analyses your risk before investment.

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Note: All loans are assessed using DiFin credit decision algorithm and data science methodologies. We only list loans for funding that meet our credit approval policy; which targets only creditworthy borrowers determining by matching 100,000 data sets. DiFin has strong and healthy collection management processes in place as per existing lawsof India along with recovery mechanism.

Disclaimer: All information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Investors should be aware that past performance is not indicative of future performance. DiFin nor any of its bodies corporate are Approved Deposit Taking Institutions. These investment products should not be compared to bank savings accounts or term deposits and do not have a government guarantee. Prospective investors should read and understand the Information Memorandum for each investment before considering any investment in any DiFin product.