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MS in Business Analytics: Why I should opt for the same?

July 31, 2018By Admin

Time and again, Indian students have demonstrated their prowess in STEM and management courses. Being molded from an early age to perform well in intensive, analytical and leadership programmes, that direction has been rewarding for Indians with great prospects world over.

However, in the present day data driven age, the promising trend is seen to be shifting towards business analytics. The knowledge needed to make sense of huge amounts of business data is turning out to be among the key skills required to continue with disruptive innovation and to fuel growth. In that sense, business analytics or the expertise to use data in solving business problems is gaining significant traction. MS in Business Analytics is a course in this direction and is a lucrative option to chase for those who are good with statistics, mathematics and analysis.

Let’s look at some key reasons as to why you can go ahead with the same –

Specialized knowledge acquisition

Management courses were looked at as an extremely lucrative post-graduate option because of the type of post education employment opportunities the course opens doors to. However, with the importance of courses such as MS in Business Analytics rising, the earlier skewed preference seems to be fast changing in the world.

If you are to specifically look into the specialized knowledge component, MBA’s as a PG course are quite generalist in their approach. In that sense, MS in Business Analytics can help you acquire specialized knowledge and a skill set that’s highly employable and rewarding in the job market today. In fact, many mid career individuals are heading back to college to acquire these and climb up the ladder in their careers.

Going by statistics, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for such specialized knowledge in business analytics is expected to rise by 20 percent by 2020.

Lucrative post education employment opportunities

In this technologically powered age, companies all over the world are acquiring data at a very steep pace. In order to make sense of their huge amount of data, they need individuals with specialized knowledge to drive business growth. MS in Business Analytics as a course helps you to achieve exactly that, which is why employers are looking for MS in Business Analytics graduates. Due to the high demand, the job opportunities after the course are extremely lucrative. The placement rates are very high with promising pay scales. In the US, the average salary for the same is around 80,800 dollars.

Relatively shorter time duration of the course

As compared to acquiring a postgraduate degree such as an MBA that takes up two years to complete, MS in Business Analytics comes with the advantage of being completed within a year itself.

In spite of shorter duration, the course is quite well recognized as an intensive professional level program and condenses good value for its students. Naturally, the shorter duration also has implications on total tuition fee and living costs for you as a student, which may be a key consideration for you.

Moreover, many a time, Indian students with several degrees choose to go abroad for studies to open doors to international employment. If you belong to this group, the short course duration with high employability prospect might make more sense for you.

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