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Getting a DiFin foreign education loan- What you should know.

January 2, 2018By Admin

Are you going to consider an international degree? You are in the right place to find detailed information about the course, future projections and instant loan approvals.
We provide you the resources to help you succeed with the right information and free counseling from our experts. Our assist of international student finance is the core of the DiFin Education finance platform. Our technology and platform fulfill all of your needs requires for your career and financial freedom.
Who can apply for DiFin Foreign Finance Loans?
· Currently, DiFin education finance loans are available to Indian nationals only seeking undergraduate and postgraduate degree.
· The funds can be used for study in business, engineering, law, medical and textile courses at universities. It might possible that few of the courses are not funds from DiFin. Our Loan officer can guide you on this.
· You should have been received the admission offer from universities to apply loans with DiFin education finance loans.
· Our loan application is 100% online and we provide the instant approvals. If you are not approved with us, it may due happen because our credit assessment engine does find you fit to meet our eligibility requirement.
How much can DiFin education Finance Offer and interest rates?
· Every university and program has different set of rules to offer the loan amount and interest rates from DiFin Education Finance Loans. We might offer you only tuition fees or full cost of education and its purely depends on your profile and course you are applying at. Our loan officers can guide on this.
· We try to approve you low interest rates but eventually it all depends on your profile and country.
· In most of cases we don’t take any collateral to fund your education.
· We look at your previous salary, amount offered is based on your potential earnings post-graduation
· Applying for loan with us, it does not mean you have to accept the offer. And, there is no cost to apply and does not affect your credit score.
Our 100% hassle free application process?
· You can apply for DiFin Education Finance loan from anywhere in the world. The process is 100% online and there is no requirement of hard copies, you upload your soft copy of documents on DiFin platform once you approved.
Our loan officers work round the clock with the students. They can answer your questions related to documentation, course, college and other queries or help you to connect with our counseling team.
· Most of the loans are approved in the same day or may disburse within a week.
· We will obtain a credit report from one of credit agencies as well apart from our credit analytics parameters criteria.
· You first create our login on DiFin and access to DiFin customer dashboard and go to apply loan section and select “Foreign Education Loan”.
What happens after accepting DiFin Finance loan?
· You are required to give your online acceptance and e-sign the final loan documents and agreement.
· DiFin will issue you official loan letter to you and you may be required to submit in the universities as well.
· You will be able to see the amortization schedule in your dashboard and your EMI or interest will start after the disbursement to universities.
· Our community team will stay in touch with to give your updates; news and assisting in job post your loan disbursement.
More information about DiFin Finance Loans
· DiFin Education Finance loans are funded either by DiFin Lending or collectively from our community lenders of associations, qualified financial companies.
· We may provide your information to these lenders and they may run your credit check.
· We also help you to secure the Credit card in US or helping your visa, Forex and documentation.
· We not only provide the Foreign Education loan but we give loans for your short term courses, Executive MBA, Vocational courses, coaching loans.
· Our Student community and ecosystem helps you to provide mentoring ship in Career, Job Assistance, Salary guidance or helping you during the course of your education. We not only a lender but your partner in your education journey.
Interested? Have more questions? Contact us at care@difin.in or call us at 798.281.2257. Or Apply your 2 min application at Apply Loan now.

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