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DiFin is not just a student lender but a community of student wellbeing.

October 22, 2017By Admin

When we launched DiFin, Our idea was simple and clear. We wanted to help student millennial’s from start to end in their career by not only providing the loans at lower interest rates but help them in every stage of their career progression. We have seen problems in getting the funds for education from long time and many of students could not complete their education and ultimately their whole generation suffers. We developed our model and products in a way that everyone who wishes to study should get the easy access to capital. We developed technology to understand the students and using the data sciences, we managed to provide the lower interest rates. In this era of growing economy, students still face numerous challenges for raising funds for education. Whether it is Foreign Education Loan, Undergraduate Study Loans, Vocational Training courses loan or loans for coaching classes, Banks are very stringent to give loans to students or may take more time with lot of hassles. Banks are easy or may be quick for the colleges like IIT/IIM/IISC/ISB or may be some other top notch institutions, but what about rest of the education space. We are not a bank but a marketplace lender simplifying the process of education loans. Our student wellbeing community offers various advantages along with funding your studies like: We give you full career guidance We help you in your job search We mentor you so that you can learn more We connect with you leaders to give modern edge of learning We don’t ask collateral for any good student. Protect you* in any bad times and many more… And above all comes with lower interest rates with understanding of your colleges and courses. We fund you irrespective of your college or course and vocational trainings as well. Skills Enhancement is the core of growing career now a days and DiFin helps the students to make it dream come true to fund your short term or executive course irrespective of the field. We typically support Engineering, Medical, law, Finance, Entrance Coaching’s or ITI Courses. As a true student lender, our mission is to solve the common problems of millennial by resolving issues with cross functional movements for talented and hard-working students. We typically start with by giving DiFin Student counseling sessions to make you aware for the program you have chosen. With talking a deep into it, we suggest and execute your program by funding your education and help the student till the course ends by engaging in various activates. Our Community Events are specialized events for our students borrower’s and they get to connected with the different world by knowing about the new technologies, courses, jobs outcome, Entrepreneurship, and deep learning from leaders. DiFIn is not just a student lender but a community of student well-being. We have received the incredible response from students. We are working more and more with students and continue to grow the list of our value added services we provide for our borrowers.
If you have any suggestion, please reach out to us at care@difin.in.

or call us at 7982812257 We are real people and real experts in our domain and assure you to give you the real support.

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