Employer Relations

Are you an Employer? Make DiFin works for your employees.

Help your employees asset to build their future by support them to learn more. Career Support and Student loan refinancing with career programs as an employment benefits.


An Opportunity for Employer.

DiFin’s unique employee benefits programs – Student Career Support Loan and Student Loan contributions- helps to build a better financial wellness at your company. Create a healthy financial environment in your organization with exclusive employee benefits and effortless way of financing with student career support loan and student loan refinancing.

All for the today's Employees

Accomplish your financial goals faster with our specially designed student loans that are already in the upward trend.

Enroll and get adjustable rates

Your data is safelylocked and private as you enroll.as the employer organization grows we quicly adjust the rates using our solutions.

Boost your hiring and turnover ratio

Get us to get your employees student loan for their professional growth thus reducing turnover and boost hiring.

A Student Loan Solution, For Your Employees

Our services portfolio helps your employees to build competencies to build your business growth. DiFin is the only partner offering solutions with career guidance with personalized services:

Solution 1: Evaluation and Guidance

A powerful online tool for your employees to assess the loans with personalized recommendation and is the easiest way to manage their debt.

Solution 2: Loans for Growth

The most competitive rate in the industry help your employees to grow their career and earn more with savings upto 50,000 INR, on average, by availing career support loan and refinancing their student loan with DiFin.

Solution 3: Employer Contribution

An easy to user platform allow employers to contribute to their employees student loans and helps them to pay down their debt faster.

We manage everything and there is no scope for having any extra work for you (and no extra headaches). No matter, what you choose, we are providing an outstanding benefit and helping your employees to grow and save.

How DiFin for Employers works

Your Employees can build your Company growth with Student Loan Solutions and Employer contribution programs.


We provide a white label and co-branded landing page for employees to easy access with rewards information and custom collateral for browsing all information


We also offer visits in your office and education on courses with benefits to help your employees reach their financial goals.


We support your employees for any concerns, guidance and work with your HR Teams to bring this up.

Only DiFin offers comprehensive rewarding solutions, regardless of your employee’s income and credit profiles.

Why Student Loan Contributions and Career Support Loan

In our survey, we asked two thousand working professionals graduates what will be the impact on their life with career support loan and employer contribution in student loans. The Results speaks about game changer in their career and life. DiFin helps you to build financial wellness at your company.

Recruit Top Talent


would be willing to accept the job offer at new company.

Improve Retention


would feel to stay at their current employer longer

Increase Engagement


would have less stress, positive attitude, more dedication and commitment Section: Impact of DiFin Solution


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